Tree types

aingge hardwood (dark, used for making handdrums)
amonai soursop
bale tree used for making gunwales
bonama ironwood (used for canoe paddles)
bui beech tree (favored for canoes)
bungana hardwood (with roselike fragrance)
dabaya fish poison tree
gowe conifer type
gubata tree type (slender, pliable, used for smokeracks)
gulengguleng tree type (used for timber)
kalokalowana tree type (used for firewood)
kaseli tree type (favored for canoes)
kosi strychnine tree
laki New Guinea walnut
mamosi tree type (with edible fruit and leaves)
nambola wild fig
naola breadfruit
nawi Malay apple, rose apple, mountain apple
ngaliti hardwood type
nunggununggula tree type (with edible fruit)
ondela casuarina
onzali tree type (medicinal, very bitter, used for cough medicine)
pasa tree type (with edible fruit)
pimbulu-pambulu Tahitian chestnut
sagaliya tree type (used for making canoe gunwales)
sakalamiya tree type
salita sea almond
sambali hardwoood
saniye canoe tree
sawasawagi hardwood (shore tree, casuarina?)
tawame nut tree type
tolonga mangrove
tuwila hardwood
wasala hardwood tree used for canoe paddles
wawali beach hibiscus
yalipa almond
yameyame coral tree
yaume canoe tree
zaza hardwood type (found high in mountains)
zigumi hardwood
zimani acorn (fed to pigs)

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