Palm types

bagani fan palm (with unseparated, fanlike fronds)
bala sago palm type (with thorns)
bimbini pandanus type with edible fruit
buli sago palm type (without thorns; with reddish leaf stalk)
buwa areca palm/nut
buwa bunge reddish-pulp areca nut
buwa usouso whitish-pulp areca nut
dawena sago palm type (with thorns)
gabila pandanus type
gingi pandanus fruit
iyaiya sago palm type (thorny and rare)
iyawama sago palm type (with thorns)
kadiya areca type (small, wild, edible nut)
kundu sago (in general)
kutawi sago palm type (without thorns)
lewa black palm (used for spears, ax handles)
mandanga rattan
salana sago palm type (with thorns)
siwi sealing wax palm
soluwe palm type (with folding, separated, fan-shaped fronds)
tebetebe sago palm type (with thorns, rare in Numbami area)
ubu pandanus type
umalau pandanus type (wild)
walola sago palm type (inedible)
yagomi pandanus type
yawanzi palm type
zigi wild areca

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