Nomba sawa, etate

This blog aims to provide resources for anyone who wants to learn Numbami for whatever reason, but it is mainly designed for younger people of Numbami heritage who grew up learning only bits and pieces of the language and want to get a fuller picture and to revive a unique language with very few speakers. Readers of this blog are assumed to know English and Tok Pisin. Tananggo Binga Numbami means ‘Let’s speak Numbami’!

One response to “Nomba sawa, etate

  1. Kilau (Daniel) Siga

    Wayango nangi binga Numbami iye internet ipai nangi ate dikiadala tangio bamo de AIA Joel.
    Woya nangi ase Kilau nangi mama Daniel woya wasolonga lumana iye Kui School sua yala 1976 iya Joel uma umi inami teteu Numbami sua yala eyana. Tangio

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