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Dr. Gae Gowae on Siboma Land Titles

The location where the current Kui village is belongs to the Sakia clan of Bapi. Indeed, the Sakia clan of Bapi village were settling inland on the land known as Bisadro (Pisadro) before they moved back to Bapi village because they were tired being used by Siboma people to do all the work for the white men. It was the Sakia clan leaders that asked certain Kuwi family to come and settle in the bay now known as Kuwi village. The rest of the Kuwi people moved in later. The land boundaries between Paiawa, Siboma, Sakia clan of Bapi and Kuwi were demarcated during 1964 Land Titles Commission Hearing. This could also help to explain the territories of the Paiawa, Siboma, Sakia clan of Bapi and Kuwi.

I am one of the descendants of the Sakia clan living in the Siboma village now. Abu bamo (Gigitaia bamo or kandel bamo) is truly a Bapi man. I went to the National Court in 1999 to seek the reinforcement of Land Titles Commission Decision in 1964, and National Court upheld my appeal. So while I am a Siboma man, I am also a Sakia clan member of Bapi village.

Joel, I met you during your recent visit to Siboma, passing through Port Moresby. We had dinner together at Sagowa Langa’s place, together with Jacob Sawanga. In fact, I attended your farewell party in the Siboma village in 1976 after I completed Grade 10 at the Bumayong high school.

Dr. Gae Gowae
Environmental Science & Geography, UPNG

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