Magic Spells to Grow Pigs

The following story is one I translated from the Jabêm-language Buku Sêsamŋa II [Book for reading, 2nd ed.], by Rev. M. Lechner and Nêdeclabu Male (Madang: Lutheran Mission Press, 1955), pp. 10-11:

Mec bôc kê-tôp-ŋa
magic pig 3sR-grow-for
Magic to grow pigs

Lau Sibôma sêsôm mec teŋ kêpi soŋgaluc
people Siboma they-say magic one it-upon pufferfish
Siboma people say a kind of magic on the pufferfish

ma sêsôm teŋ kêpi m
and they-say one it-upon banana
and they say one on the banana

gebe bôc têtôp ŋajam.
say pig they-grow good
so that pigs grow well.

Sêsôm kêpi soŋgaluc
they-say it-upon pufferfish
They say it on the pufferfish

gebe i tonaŋ embe daŋguŋ nga sao êndu
say fish that if we-spear with fishspear dead
because when we spear that fish dead

ma têtacwalô êsung êtu kapôêŋ sebeŋ
and its-belly it-swell it-turn large fast
then its belly will swell up big quickly

ma bôc êtôp êtôm i tonaŋ
and pig it-grow it-match fish that
then the pig will grow like that fish

têtac kêsuŋ kêtu kapôêŋ sebeŋ naŋ.
its-belly it-swell it-turn big quick REL
whose belly swells up big quickly.

Ma sêsôm mec teŋ kêpi m
and they-say magic one it-upon banana
And they say magic on the banana

ŋam gebe bôc êtôp êtôm m,
reason say pig it-grow it-match banana
so that the pig will grow like the banana,

naŋ tasê kêsêp kôm
that we-plant it-into garden
that we plant in the garden

ma kêpi ŋadambê kapôêŋ me gêuc sebeŋ
and it-rise trunk large or it-stand.upright quick
and its trunk grows or stands upright quickly

e ŋanô kêsa ma kêtu lêwê,
until fruit it-rise and it-turn ripe,
until its fruit appears and turns ripe,

ma bôc êtop sebeŋ amboac tonaŋgeŋ.
and pig it-grow quick like that-Adv
then the pig will grow quickly in the same way.

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